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HTTPS All Over The Place
Apr 30, 2012
2 minutes read

Here are some extremely simple security enhancers that have been around for a while, but are still worth mentioning nonetheless.

First on the list is HTTPS Everywhere.

This is an awesome add-on for Firefox (stable) and Chrome (beta) which has auto-updating rules to automatically negotiate HTTPS on sites that support it. And, no it’s not the 90’s anymore, so you don’t have to worry about SSL (really TLS nowadays) slowing your browsing down.

Now, why stop there when you can also change your homepage (which is probably Google anyway) to the encrypted version?

Just change your homepage to and your future homepage searches will begin from the secure domain. NOTE: HTTPS Everywhere already redirects you, but your initial query will be sent directly in this case.

Finally, on a very-related note, you can also add a custom searcher to Firefox which sends requests directly to the SSL version of Google. Here is a link to a Mozilla developer page where you can add lots of custom Google searchers (If you’re in the US, just use “Google SSL (no filtering)”):

You’ve just taken a few very simple steps that give a large improvement to your browsing privacy.

Now your next steps are to check the settings of all your frequently visited sites (the ones where you log in) and see if there is a setting to enable SSL. You have your assignment. Get to it!

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